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ANNOUNCING auditions & interviews for Impossible Salt! We are a collaborative of musical storytellers who believe that exploring the impossible--trolls, giants, magic spells, spaceships--reveals the possible. We are seeking to expand our roster of artists for the many exciting things we have coming up in the next year. This is not an audition for a specific show, but an opportunity for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you. If we're a good fit, we'll find a way to work together!


We use sets, props, costumes, and words sparingly, preferring instead to use our bodies, voices, instruments, and silence--as well as our audience's imaginations--to create rich worlds, vibrant characters, profound relationships, and unexpected possibilities. The stuff that is onstage is beautifully designed and crafted and serves multiple purposes.

We use original and folk music as a storytelling tool. Our instrumentalists often enter the action or function as characters. Music is a part of our characters' journeys. They sing to fall in love, to fight, to grieve, to ward off danger, to play games, to grow up. Instruments create sounds to augment the world and underscore the story.

Our artists are paid at rates comparable to or slightly higher than those of contemporary companies in town. 

Impossible Salt was founded in 2014 by Emilia Seay Allen & Parker Genné, two classically trained opera singers interested in exploring new ways of telling stories through music and in telling timely stories in conversation with the world we live in today. To date, we have created and produced five original pieces inspired by folk tales, and have partnered as teachers, storytellers, and artists-in-residence with the Festival of Nations, Minneapolis Music Company, MacPhail Center for Music, the American Swedish Institute, and Kairos Alive! Learn more about us on Facebook at Impossible Salt or at our website,


Clowns, poets, improvisers, dancers, musicians, builders, crafters, storytellers, actors, and other creative types interested in exploring the impossible with us. We encourage non-white, queer, gender non-conforming, non-native English speakers and multi-lingual people of all ages and abilities to check us out. We're excellent actors and performers, but we've found that we work really well with people who don't define themselves primarily as actors, as well as those from more traditional theatre backgrounds. 


Our work is devised using organic improvisation, dance and musical improvisation, and Viewpoints. We typically start with a story, play in it, draft an outline, play in it, revise the outline, and continue from there. Sometimes we write songs in rehearsals, sometimes we find the songs we need, and sometimes our musicians write songs in response to the needs of the story. We work best with the musicians/composers in the room. Our shows tend to be an hour or so long.

Auditions will be an hour-long playtime, with a small group of veterans and new folks coming together to move, play, sing, and get to know one another. Musicians are invited to sit in and play. A piano will be provided.

Interviews will be 30-minute conversations with the artistic directors and ensemble members.

Again, the goal of these auditions is for us to meet one another and decide if we're a good fit. It's just as important that you are excited about working with us as it is that we want to work with you. We can't WAIT to meet you!

If interested, please email We'd love a resume or portfolio of your relevant work, a paragraph of introduction for yourself, anything else we should know about you, and three preferences from the times listed below. All auditions and interviews will take place at Mount Olive Lutheran Church, 3045 Chicago Avenue, Minneapolis.

Monday, April 24 - 7pm, 8pm, 9pm

Thursday, April 27 - 7pm, 8pm, 9pm 

Saturday, April 29 - 10am, 11am, 12pm


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