Intermedia Arts | Production Manager

POSITION TITLE: Production Manager

POSITION STATUS: Full time, exempt, regular position (evenings & weekend availability required)

DEPARTMENT: Equity & Public Programming (ARTS)

REPORTS TO: Director of Equity and Public Programming

SUPERVISES: Technician Roster; Tech Interns & Trainees


Intermedia Arts is a catalyst that builds understanding among people through art.


Intermedia Arts is a multidisciplinary, multicultural 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting changemaking artists and community leaders in using art as a tool for positive social change. For over 40 years, we have provided creative people of all ages with the opportunities, tools, and support to come together across disciplines, sectors, and boundaries to connect, create, share, collaborate, innovate, think big, and act as catalysts for positive social change that is community-driven and community-defined. Intermedia’s department of Equity & Public Programs leads the organization’s internal racial equity and inclusion work and presents the organization’s public performing arts, visual arts, literary, and film programming, providing support to community-engaged artists (emerging, mid-career, and established) for the creation and presentation of artistic work that engages audiences and communities in powerful conversations about critical social and cultural issues.

The Production Manager is responsible for managing production schedules for each show; ensuring proper set-up, performance, and strike operations; executing technical aspects of productions, exhibitions, and events; maintaining theater, stage, house, and all production systems and equipment; and serving as lead technican and tech mentor for the organization. The Production Manager serves as technician and operator for at least 50% of events and performances occurring at Intermedia Arts; schedules and supervises Intermedia’s technician roster; and will provide training and mentorship in the development of a new youth tech team and pathways program for technicians of color. Intermedia Arts’ Production Manager plays a key collaboration role within our staff team, as both a member of the department of equity and public programs and a regular collaborator with all departments of the organization. As a frequent face of the organization for artists and community members, this position requires a higher-than-typical level of interpersonal skills relative to similar positions in the field. We place particular emphasis on supporting the work of artists whose voices have been historically, traditionally, and intentionally under- or un-represented in dominant culture, including (but not limited to) artists of color, queer artists, trans/gender non-conforming artists, Indigenous artists, immigrant and refugee artists, youth, and women. We try new things, take risks, and present works at a variety of levels of development. We serve a wide range of artists, from emerging to established, from K-12 to seniors. We value artistic process and artistic product, and regularly engage with community, youth, educators, activists, and leaders in critical conversations and community-building.

KEY OBJECTIVE: The Production Manager works closely with staff, artists, and technicians to ensure delivery of events and productions with technical excellence, on schedule and within budget, in a manner that exemplifies Intermedia’s values while ensuring a positive, respectful, and welcoming environment for artists, renters, staff, and community at all times.


Production Management (60%)

• Develop and manage production schedules for each Catalyst Series production and for season overall, as well as for public activities and events in youth department, creative leadership, development, and public programming.

• Schedule and lead all production meetings. Facilitate clear communications throughout the production process. Maintain production contact information and show rosters of all production personnel.

• Provide on-site production management and artist support during load-in, tech week, and residencies. Attend technical and dress rehearsals. Send production notes to team after rehearsals and performances.

• Execute technical aspects of productions, ensuring proper set-up, performance, and strike operations.

• Approve tech designs and riders. Communicate with staff, artists, renters, and others to answer technical questions as needed by phone, in-person, via email and video chat as needed.

• Manage calendars and scheduling of all shared facility spaces. Approve space use for all onsite activities, events, and performances, holiday closings, and rentals events.

Supervise, Mentor & Train (15%)

• Recruit, Hire, Train, Schedule, and Supervise IA Technician Roster (includes: preparing contracts, collecting tax forms, processing and signing timesheets)

• Create and provide ongoing training and mentorship for IA technicians, with a particular emphasis on building a roster of mission-aligned technicians from the communities we serve, including technicians of color, youth, queer, trans*/gender non-conforming and female technicians.

• Serve as on-call and emergency contact for technicians during shifts.

• Provide security orientation to artists and technicians as needed. Provide orientation and support when new technicians use the space.

• Ensure compliance with all labor laws and union requirements for artists and technicians.

• Establish professional standards and operating procedures for IA tech.

Systems, Equipment, & Safety (15%)

• Ensure regular maintenance and repair of all theater, gallery, and production systems, equipment, and infrastructure [includes: video projection system; lighting systems (gallery, theater, house lights, work lights, lobby lighting); sound system; overhead music system; events sound system; gallery technology (plasma display, iPads, mac minis, projection, sound); lobby plasma display and QLab computer]. Complete or arrange for repairs of technical equipment.

• Provide wall-to-wall maintenance and repair of theater, stage, and house (includes: cleaning, mopping, and painting). Ensure regular schedule of up-to date messaging on and maintenance of exterior marquee.

• Establish and maintain equipment storage, organization, and inventory of production supplies and materials. Facilitate rentals and ‘partner trades/borrowing’ such as additional lighting instruments as needed

• Arrange and maintain booth configuration, control surface configuration, and rep plot. Ensure a proper restore to default following usage.

• Proactively integrate and improve technical theater capacities of Intermedia Arts.

• Maintain a safe work environment at all times. Maintain building fire code, OSHA, and ADA compliance for all setups in the theater, lobby and gallery. File/process city permits when needed.

Lead Tech / Operator (10%)

• Serve as technician for at least 50% of events and performances, including guest productions produced by renters.

• Hang and focus lights. Ensure safety of rigging.

• Provide technology and media installation & support for gallery exhibitions.

• Provide onsite support and leadership at IA events as needed (particularly during opening nights of events, performances, exhibitions, and activities).

Expectations for all Intermedia Arts Staff:

• Create and promulgate a culture of equity in all phases of departmental activities (including decision-
making, planning, implementation, and evaluation), while normalizing conversations about race.

• Cultivate and steward healthy artist, co-worker, and community relationships; and skillfully address conflict as it arises in the work.

• Integrate when possible, strategies to increase organizational and departmental visibility, revenue, participation and sustainability.

• Participate in regular staff and departmental meetings.

• Respond promptly to email and voicemail communication. Create welcoming and respectful environment for artists, community, and co-workers in all interactions.

• Participate in organizational activities (such as fundraisers, retreats and strategic planning) as requested.


Essential Qualifications:

• Experience as a Production Manager, Technical Director, or as a member of a Production Management / Technical Direction team

• Skilled technician, lighting and/or sound designer, and operator

• Experience developing and overseeing production calendars and schedules

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

• Excellent computer skills and detailed knowledge of spreadsheets. Knowledge of common industry-
specific software such as CAD programs, Lightwright, Qlab, and experience reading groundplans, light plots and other theatrical specifications

• Demonstrated ability to work respectfully and effectively with: artists, youth, individuals and communities of diverse racial, ethnic, economic, social and educational backgrounds

• Mac savvy; Proficient in MS Office Suite; Google Docs, Google Cal, Able to use and manage digital media files (digital video, digital audio, digital images)

• This position maintains irregular and extended working hours (night and weekend hours are required), and requires the ability to lift, push, or pull objects up to 100 pounds using appropriate tools, climb ladders, and perform manual labor

Desired Qualifications:

• Experience teaching, training and mentoring, particularly with youth

• Experience successfully negotiating and acting as mediator in artistic and technical discussions

• Experience with team and staff supervision and development

• Knowledge of local community and arts community

Desired Personal Characteristics:

• A personal passion to create healthier, more caring and equitable communities through the arts

• Experience effectively navigating the dynamics of rank, race, power and privilege

• Exceptional interpersonal and conflict resolution skills

• An ability to creatively and constructively solve problems

• High emotional intelligence and self-awareness, with an abundance of patience

• An agile and assertive approach to learning with a willingness explore and grow while meeting the changing requirements of the work

• A sense of humor, positivity, and optimism

• Integrity


Email Resume & Cover Letter to:

Position open until filled



Intermedia Arts is a catalyst that builds understanding among people through art.


To be a national leader whose investment in changemaking artists, cross-sector partnerships, and unique arts-based approaches leads to more capable, healthy and equitable communities.


Intermedia Arts is working to create and promulgate a culture of equity (explicitly, but not exclusively, racial equity) in all phases of our work (including decision-making, planning, implementation, and evaluation), while normalizing conversations about race. Equity is a journey, not a destination. It is an active and dynamic process. Intermedia Arts is engaged in creating new and ongoing ways of sharing power, access, and resources with the artists and communities we serve.


We believe in ...

► Supporting artists as leaders. We invest in artists as change- making community assets and believe in their power to collaborate, innovate, think big and act with commitment.

► Providing a platform for under-represented voices. Our work amplifies voices through deep, authentic and long-term relationships in communities that are historically and traditionally under-represented.

► Offering a safe and open space for artistic risk-taking. We value a welcoming environment that allows artists and audiences to create, see and engage with dynamic, cutting-edge work.

► Ensuring accountability, transparency and sustainability. Our actions respect our commitment to being good stewards of our relationships and our resources.


We catalyze and inspire artists and audiences through three core areas of programming:


Intermedia Arts supports the creation and presentation of art that sparks social change, encourages community dialogue, and inspires civic involvement through our vibrant array of gallery exhibitions, literary readings, public performances, film screenings, readings, dialogues and tours.


From filmmaking and DJing to muralism and spoken word, Intermedia Arts empowers young people with the skills and tools they need to become positive catalysts for change within their communities.


Through artist-community dialogues and the nationally recognized Creative Community Leadership Institute and Creative CityMaking, Intermedia Arts provides comprehensive leadership training, resources and mentorship opportunities for artists and community development professionals working as catalysts for community change.

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