Tour manager/ technician for Northern Minnesota Tour!

Tour manager/ technician for Northern Minnesota Tour!

Teatro del Pueblo is very excited to announce their Friendship Tour this April. Teatro will be bringing their 1 act play “Help Wanted” to greater Minnesota colleges in American Indian Communities. To make sure this tour is a success we need your help! If you are interested in supporting this very important and thought provoking production please contact us today!

Need: Logistical and minimal technical support (This position is paid)  

Tour: April 12th- 28th

About the Play: Mostly in English with some Spanish. Spanish language skills not required

Help Wanted is a play based on the true story of a family of impoverished immigrants who came to Minnesota in search of a better life and means to help their family in Mexico. The play demonstrates the plight of workers who risk harsh treatment and inequalities when trying to find work, and addresses the issues of immigration and workers’ rights through satire. The cast consists of 1 man and 2 women

Call or email if interested 


Phone: 651-224-8806

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