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Amber Bjork

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February 25, 2019


Amber is the founding member / producer of The Winding Sheet Outfit.

Amber is a free-lance actor, director, and writer in the Twin Cites. She has performed with and directed for: The Winding Sheet Outfit, Theatre Unbound, Theatre Pro Rata, Sandbox Theatre, Freshwater Theatre, and Tedious Brief Productions. As an actor, she's also been on stage with Transatlantic Love Affair, Savage Umbrella, Nimbus Theatre, Guthrie Theatre, and others. She served as artistic associate and company member of Theatre Pro Rata from 2009 to 2016.

Amber is a 2018 Minnesota Theater Awards Honoree (Exceptional Performative Direction, The Memory Box of the Sisters Fox). Other recognitions include awards given to TWSO productions she has produced, directed, and scripted (from devised collaborative creation with ensembles):
The Memory Box of the Sisters Fox, Critic's Pick, Twin Cities Arts Reader, 2017
Blood Nocturne, Artist Pick Golden Lanyard, Minnesota Fringe, 2018
Blood Nocturne, Fringe With Benefits Members Pick Golden Lanyard, Minnesota Fringe 2018
Blood Nocturne, Southern Venue Pick Golden Lanyard, Minnesota Fringe, 2018
Blood Nocturne, Best of Fringe, Twin Cities Arts Reader, 2018

See that headshot to the right? It's old. Amber is in her 40s now and has hair that does not behave that well anymore. She wants you to know she's got to get a new headshot and she's working on it. Kind of. Maybe.

(You can find The Winding Sheet Outfit's website and Facebook in the links above. Follow The Winding Sheet Outfit on Instagram: www.instagram.com/thewindingsheetoutfit)


Currently running as director:

Iphigenia and Other Daughters -- Theatre Unbound, February 23 - March 10, 2018 @ Gremlin Theater.


Upcoming as director:

Årsgång: What You Follow Follows You -- The Winding Sheet Outfit (as part of MN Fringe Drafts & Draughts), April 8 @ Playwrights Center


Past Experience:




The Winding Sheet Outfit (founding member)

Blood Nocturne

The Memory Box of the Sisters Fox

The Theatre of the Tiny Clandestines


Theatre Pro Rata

The Minotaur

The Knight of the Burning Pestle

Elephant’s Graveyard

T Bone N Weasel


Heather Bunch

You Know We're Related to Debbie Reynolds (Red Eye Works in Progress 2017)


Sandbox Theatre

600 Years

Marie-Jeanne Valet Who Defeated La Bete du Gevaudan

Suitcase: “The Morrigan”


Freshwater Theatre

Turn Signals

A Festival of Awkward Moments: "Cut or Uncut"


Tedious Brief Productions

Tempests (as co-director under Noe Tallen)



AS ACTOR - Stage (EMC Candidate)


The Winding Sheet Outfit (founding member)

Blood Nocturne - Dorka/ensemble

The Memory Box of the Sisters Fox - The Medium

The Theatre of the Tiny Clandestines - Ticketmistress

Birds of Passage - Ensemble - (Mark Benzel)


Transatlantic Love Affair

105 Proof or The Killing of Mack "The Silencer" Klein -  Ensemble - (Diogo Lopes)

Solitaire - Ensemble - (Diogo Lopes)


Theatre Pro Rata (company member and artistic associate 2009 - 2016)

The Beauty Queen of Leenane  - Maureen - (Carin Bratlie)

Twelfth Night - Olivia - (Carin Bratlie)

Good Woman of Setzuan - The Family - (Carin Bratlie)

Lovers & Executioners - Constance - (Carin Bratlie)

Dido, Queen of Carthage  - Anna - (Carin Bratlie)

The Taming of the Shrew - Kate - (Carin Bratlie)

The Spanish Tragedy - Bel-Imperia - (Carin Bratlie)

Quills - Madeline - (Zach Morgan)

Machinal - The Young Woman - (Carin Bratlie)

Slag Heap - Ashley - (Carin Bratlie)


Umbrella Collective (aka Savage Umbrella)

Sweet Dreams, Alfie - Rosie - (Laura Leffler)


Theatre Unbound

Silkworms: A Nun Play - Sister Euphrasia - (Isabel Nelson)

The Tempest - Miranda - (Carin Bratlie)


Sandbox Theatre

Suitcase: “The Boyd Girls” "By the Time You Read This, I'll Be in Idaho"


Navel Gaze Productions

Fringe Orphans 3: “Fit in This” - creator/performer

Fringe Orphans 2: “The Sound of Food” - creator/performer


Freshwater Theatre

Freshwater Goes Back to High School: “Alien Love Triangle”  - Robin - (Katie Starks)

A Festival of Awkward Moments: “Bagels and Flapjacks” “No Goat” - (Ben Layne)


Nimbus Theatre

An Accidental Death of an Anarchist  - The Journalist - (Liz Neerland)

Beautiful Things - Meridee - (Josh Cragun)


Tedious Brief Productions

Bard Fiction - Sprint / The Gimp - (Carin Bratlie)


Guthrie Theater

Romeo and Juliet - Chorus - (Ethan McSweeny)





Metasynthesis Films

Theater People (Season 1) - Julie (Matthew Anderson)


Pommelhorse Productions

Sandwich - Girl (Matthew Glover)





University of MN, Duluth -- B.A. English Lit



Masque Theatre and School (4 years) -- mask, mime, puppetry, movement, dance, clown

Sandbox LAB (Sandbox Company Ensemble) -- ensemble arts and Viewpoints

SITI Company Intensive (Akiko Aizawa and Leon Ingulsrud)  -- Viewpoints and Suzuki

Kari Margolis Workshop (Kari Margolis) -- Margolis Method

Jon Ferguson  Workshop (Jon Ferguson) -- Clown

Double Edge Theatre (Matthew Glassman) and Mondo Bizarro (Nick Slie) Workshop - Physical-Imaginative group creation