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Anna Hermanson

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January 13, 2019
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Anna’s current news

Park Square General Auditions 2019


Current Projects:

Guthrie Theatre -- Advanced Scene Study with Candace Barrett Birk


Most Recent Roles:

Romeo and Juliet (Lady Capulet) -- Thunder Bay Theatre, MI, Dir. Jeffrey Mindock

Twelfth Night (Valentine, u/s Viola) -- Zephyr Theatre, Dir. Calyssa Hall

Taming of the Shrew (Kate) -- Cromulent Shakespeare Co., Dir. Tim Jopek

The Voysey Inheritance (Ethel Voysey) -- Mosaic Productions, Dir. Michael DuFault

The Prince Meets His Match (Madeline) -- Sidekick Theatre, Dir. Tim Stolz

Steel Magnolias (Annelle) -- St. Croix Festival Theatre, Dir. Jennifer Ward

Clue the Musical (Miss Scarlet) - St. Croix Festival Theatre, Dir. Mark Baer


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