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Doug Petty

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March 5, 2019
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Doug’s current news

Doug is currently appearing in The Zephyr Theatre's production of Witness for the Prosecution in Stillwater, Minnesota.


Doug has worked as an actor and music director in the southeast Minnesota area for over ten years.  He majored in music at Carnegie Mellon University, and it was there that the theatre bug really took hold.  But his love of acting goes back to the second grade, when he was cast as the only cowboy in the school play.  Favorite roles as a grownup include Pirelli in Sweeney Todd, Frank Abagnale Sr. in Catch Me If You Can, and the title role in Sherlock Holmes.  He has worked with Stephanie Zimbalist and Sally Kellerman in the film His Neighbor Phil, a story about the ravaging effects of Alzheimer’s disease.


Notable roles (please see resume for complete list):

Larry                               Company                         Shoot The Glass Theatre

Frank Abagnale Sr.        Catch Me If You Can        Rochester Civic Theatre

Serge                              Art                                    Rochester Repertory Theatre

Lead                               Sherlock Holmes              Rochester Civic Theatre

Pirelli                               Sweeney Todd                 Rochester Civic Theatre

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