H. Adam Harris

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February 5, 2016


Height:  6’0  -  Eye Color: Brown  -  Hair Color: Black  -  Range: Tenor

Theatrical Experience
Ensemble (upcoming)   -   The Unsinkable Molly Brown   -   Michelle Hensley   -   Ten Thousand Things*
Old Max (2012 & 2014)   -   How the Grinch Stole Christmas   -   Peter C. BrosiusChildren’s Theatre Co.   -  
Henry Wand   -   Dirt Sticks (world premiere)   -   Michelle Hensley   -   Ten Thousand Things
Milam/Maurice/Ruthie Mae   -   The Ballad of Emmett Till   -   Talvin Wilks   -   Penumbra Theatre Co.
Colorado   -   Road Weeps/Well Runs Dry   -   Marion McClinton   -   Pillsbury House Theatre
Eteocles   -   The Seven   -   Sarah Rasmussen   -   Ten Thousand Things
George Seacoal/Messenger   -   Much Ado About Nothing   -   Joe Dowling   -   Guthrie Theater
Lacey   -   Cat on a Hot Tin Roof   -   Lisa Peterson   -   Guthrie Theater
Jimmy   -   The Way of Water   -   Wendy Knox   -   Frank Theatre
Mr. Sykes/George/Bailiff (u/s)   -   A Christmas Carol   -   Joe Dowling   -   Guthrie Theater
David (u/s)/Ensemble   -   The Amen Corner   -   Lou Bellamy   -   Penumbra/Guthrie Theater
Sylvester (u/s)   -   Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom   -   Lou Bellamy   -   Penumbra/Guthrie Theater
Reverend Griffin (u/s)   -   Lizzie Bright/Buckminster Boy   -   Peter C. Brosius   -   Children’s Theatre Co.
Malvolio   -   Twelfth Night   -   Randy Reyes   -   The Strange Capers
Bottom   -   A Midsummer Night’s Dream   -   Randy Reyes   -   The Strange Capers
Ensemble   -   Complete Sonnets Festival   -   Carlyle Brown**   -   Classical Actors Ensemble

*Member of the Ten Thousand Things Artist Core
**also Bruce A. Young, Elisa Carlson & Diane Mountford

Theatrical Training
Education:  B.F.A, University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater Actor Training Program
Acting:  Ken Washington, Steve Cardamone, Kenneth Mitchell
Voice & Speech:  Lucinda Holshue, Elisa Carlson, Yvonne Morley, Andrew Wade, Stewart Pearce
Movement:  Marcela Lorca, Glynn MacDonald, Erin Thompson (Alexander Technique), Matthew Jenson (Modern), Karla Grotting (Jazz), Morris Johnson (African Dance)

Special Skills
Slam Poetry · Pageant Coach · Segway Tour Guide · Knitting · Basic Archery · Bounce Juggling · Teaching Experience: Guthrie Theater, Penumbra Theatre Company, St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists

(Teaching Resume Available Upon Request)

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