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Peyton Dixon

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January 15, 2019


After being peer pressured into auditioning for a show, soon after graduating from high school, Peyton found his love for theatre. A Minnesota native, he had no idea that this wonderful community of people existed until he was tossed into it, and he never looked back. Since that fateful day 9 years ago, he has worked with Guthrie Theatre, History Theatre, Artistry, TransAtlantic Love Affair, Paul Bunyan Playhouse, Actors Theatre of MN, The MN Fringe Festival and many more. He is a proud Alumni and yearly volunteer of the 4H Arts-In program, where he assist with choreography and chaperoning. When he is not on stage he is working at Roosevelt High School in south Minneapolis as an Associate Educator. He had the privilege to be an Assistant Director for Into the Woods, and is currently choreographing the next musical "Working."