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February 21, 2019

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Thank you all who attended SHE LOVES ME at Artistry MN

Read the RAVE Reviews!

"...a cast of flawless singers,"

"DeYong and Levin have beautiful chemistry at Artistry."

"She invests Amalia with longing on “I Don’t Know His Name” and “Dear Friend.” He shines on the title song..."

-Rohan Preston, Star Tribune



"The male lead, Georg Nowack, is played by Ryan London Levin and I think he was perfect for this role... Levin tone in numbers like "Three letters" and " She Loves Me" was so bright and smooth that it soars across the large theater."

-Brett Burger, Broadway World



"In She Loves Me, he does it all—singing, dancing, mugging, and showering the stage with the range of Georg's emotions, bringing to mind both Jimmy Stewart and Tom Hanks. When he launches full bore into the show's title song, Levin owns the stage."

-Arthur Dorman, Talkin Broadway




The Diary of Anne Frank @ Park Square Theater


March 18th - May 17th

 In this account of eight Jews hiding in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, Anne Frank emerges from history as an inspiring and intensely gifted young woman. Your students are sure to be moved by this important story of a young woman whose imagination and hope were not stifled by her confinement. The hiding and arrest of the Frank family will help bring the realities of the Holocaust more directly into your classroom.

Buy Student Matinee Tickets: http://parksquaretheatre.org/education/education-matinees-2018-2019/the-...


Dirty Business @ History Theater


May 4 - 26, 2019

1939. It was said that no man could resist the charm and appeal of secret agent Betty Pack, and that no secret was safe when unsuspecting lovers whispered in her ear, lying helpless in her embrace. Born in Minneapolis, Betty was introduced by her parents to the Washington social scene. Immersed in the world of diplomatic intrigue as a teenager, she married Arthur Pack in 1930, a British diplomat twice her age, but their marriage quickly began to crumble. With fascism on the rise and Nazi appeasement gaining steam on both sides of the pond, Betty’s insatiable desire and fierce intellect would lead her into a series of secret encounters around the globe, and ultimately involve her in a relentless war against the Nazis—one lover at a time. An epic tale of the glamorous Betty Pack, the British spy mistress Vera Atkins, American code breaker Elizebeth Friedman, celebrated performer Josephine Baker and an army of Mutual Friends, all working in the shadows to resist the rising threat of the fifth column of the Third Reich and change the course of WWII. A passionate new musical that is filled with intrigue, deception and intelligence not to be missed.

Buy Tickets : https://www.historytheatre.com/2018-2019


Jefferson Township Sparkling Junior Talent Pageant @ Park Square Theater


Jun 14 - Jul 28, 2019

Described as Avenue Q meets The Book of Mormon with a little bit of Heathers mixed in, this newly created musical satire reflects the quirks of small town life. In 1997, a contestant died onstage and permanently ended the popular Jefferson Township Sparkling Junior Talent Pageant. Twenty years later, Frannie Foster Wallace still blames all her life failures on losing the chance to become Jefferson’s Sparkling Junior Champion. Until now. Let the rematch begin!

Buy Tickets: http://parksquaretheatre.org/box-office/shows/2018-19/jefferson-township...



Ryan London Levin is a Twin Cities based actor/singer born and raised in South Minneapolis. Since 2011, Ryan has worked professionally on many of the local stages including Illusion Theater, Park Square, History Theater, Trademark Theater, Artistry and many others. 

What Critics have said:

"One cannot help but fall for the charismatic Ryan London Levin's Jamie..."-Shy Iverson, MinnesotaPlaylist on The Last Five Years, Artistry

"Levin has a strong, engaging stage presence as a ne’er-do-well rebel and leader of the abandoned children..." -Lisa Brock, StarTribune on Orphan Train, History Theater

"My personal favorite performance was by Ryan London Levin as Buffalo Bill...Levin gives everything he has to this character and hits it perfectly" -Carly and Jules, MN Theater Love on Silence the Musical Minneapolis Musical Theater

Ryan takes pride in his Judaism and has played a range of jewish identified roles. Artistry Brighton Beach Memiors, Stanely Jerome. Fiddler on the Roof, Perchik. The Last Five Years, Jaime Wellerstein. Park Square Theater The Diary of Anne Frank, Peter.