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Stuart Gates

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June 19, 2016

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Currently a Teaching Artist with the Guthrie Theater, visiting Hennepin County Libraries, area high schools, and bringing students to the Guthrie. Stuart recently closed A Christmas Carol there, where he has played Mr. Wimple/David/Belle's Husband for four years.



Theater Guthrie: A Christmas Carol, Born Yesterday; Pioneer Place: Forever Plaid, All My Sons; Creede Repertory Theatre: Unnecessary Farce, How to Succeed in Business…, I Capture the Castle, Zeus on the Loose, Imaginary Invalid, A Wonderful Noise, Swiss Family Robinson; Theater Pro Rata:Dido; Yellow Tree Theater: Miracle on Christmas Lake, String; University of Minnesota Showboat:Count of Monte Cristo, Sherlock’s Last Case, 45 Minutes from BroadwayFilm Spirits of St. PaulTeaching The Guthrie, Mounds Park Academy, St. Paul Public School Community Education.Training B.F.A., University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater Actor Training Program