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Victoria Pyan

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January 10, 2019


"And the Oracle (Victoria Pyan), with the voice of Sesame Street's Prairie Dawn high on ethylene fumes, calls it as she sees it." - TC Daily Planet, Wendy Gannula (Jason vs Medea) "Adding to this is Victoria Pyan as the clown Feste. She not only brings out the humor of the character, but also provides the vital musical moments" - Ed Huyck, City Pages (Twelfth Night) " Victoria Pyan as Puck is pure genius; constantly moving, sometimes playful, sometimes angry." - Aisle Say Twin Cities, Liz Panting (Midsummer Night's Dream)


Skin of Our Teeth (Feb 2019)                           Ensemble              2019   Girl Friday Productions        Joel Sass

Preferred by Discreet Women Everywhere    Lauren                   2018  Freshwater Theatre               Nicole Wilder

My Barking Dog                                                  Melinda                 2018  Market Garden Theatre         Lucas Skjaret

Henry V                                                                 Ensemble              2016  Theatre Pro Rata                     Matt Sciple

We Just Clicked                                                   Ensemble              2016   Freshwater Theatre              Shalee Coleman

The Arsonists                                                       Chorus                   2016  Frank Theatre                          Wendy Knox

Raise Your Voice (Suzanne Cross)                   Victoria                 2014  Little Lifeboats                        Chris Garza

After Life                                                               Ensemble              2014  Theatre Cosmic                       Kevin T. Houle

Twelfth Night                                                      Feste                      2014  Theatre Pro Rata                     Carin Bratlie Wethern

Midsummer Night’s Dream                               Puck                       2013  Mission Theatre Co.               P. Parsons-Lord

Girl Shorts/Obligatory Scene                           Vivey                      2013  Theatre Unbound                   Crystal Schneider

The Tempest                                                         Ensemble              2012  Public Dreams Theatre          Benjamin Kutschied

Julius Caesar                                                         Cinna/Strato       2012  Theatre Unbound                   Carin Bratlie Wethern

Laughing All the Way                                         Gabby                    2011  Pioneer Place                           Michael Kelley

Jason vs Medea: The Rubicon Waltz               Oracle                    2011  Flower Shop Project               Brenna Jones

Penner vs. The Hydra                                      Officer Blatant     2011  Maximum Verbosity              Phillip  Low


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